Grunloh Construction was fortunate to recently team up with Legat Architects once again; in giving Lakeland College a welcoming, uniting, and relaxing space with the construction of the new Luther Student Center. This inviting space will be used by students and our future community leaders  for years to come. Once again “Building the Future for our Future”.[0]=AZXARxeBN-AxY-G248E9sjT4YV-zQb8FEOYP_KChTBQV7VGFaypwupjsbiB4ESk0gOQ7KtHyfOAqWivLtBfD3nBaLmJISWpNVMh2PxcWBo0jXRDuB81JPLecjc6BBdCkBY-6OHfTxQxCqLFe1XUHEt-3&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R